All are invited to share their story with us,

especially those whose voices are normally marginalized by our society. We care so much about being inclusive that we will do our best to accommodate folks if they need any support in getting involved with the project.

Submissions will be considered for online and print (zine).      


We like to start with what this website isn’t, it isn’t a travel blog. That means it’s not going to tell people where to eat, what hotels are nice, and which airlines are the coziest. We want everyone to help develop what the website is, knowing what it’s not. It’s a space for people to talk about travel, as an act of adventure, and act of desire, an act of rebellion, whatever it is to you. What we’re looking for is:

An email to with…

The piece (anywhere from 1-2,000 words, longer will be considered, but we want to make sure we keep the website accessible with a good flow)

The title

A photo, optional 

A brief (2-4 sentences) bio, include links

The name you would like to be identified as, can be your own name, pen name, or anonymous

Think you have what it takes but don’t know exactly what to write about? Here are just a few ideas:

Why do you travel? Where?

What has traveling taught you about yourself, how you interact with others, or about your culture?

What is something you won’t travel without?

Where is the last place you felt at home?

Where did you sleep last night?

Where did you last shower?

What does a traveler look like?

What does homesick feel like?

If you’re currently traveling, are you scared, happy, sad, excited? Why?

If you’re not traveling, why do you want to and where?

Have you fallen in love on the road, with the road?

Does traveling bring you fulfillment?

Do you notice a difference between yourself, persona, ability or willingness to be in the moment while traveling? If so, how do you change, and how does it effect your everyday life?

Do you know people where you are right now?

Is it your choice to travel?

What do you identify as (traveler, nomad, vagabond, sojourner, raconteur, etc.)? Do you prefer or have aversion to certain travel related terms? why?




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